Unlimited beer for lifetime?

 Limited Edition GEIST X FanAnywhere Beer NFT




Geist beer isn’t just a combination of ingredients. That glass of golden goodness that you hold is the end result of experienced beer brewing skills combined with fanatic attention to detail and quality.


A once abandoned plywood factory set amid the fields of Nimbekaipura – (literal translation: the village of lemons) has now been transformed into a brewer’s paradise. We put our heads together to think through every detail. The impact of each bend, twist, turn, and diameter of our brewery machinery and design affects the taste, aroma and character of every batch of golden goodness that we produce.

We are a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) brewery. 100% of the rainwater collected across the 10,000-sq. factory area is harvested in our raw water tank. This is then processed using an RO system to ensure that the exact same water is available for each batch of beer. The RO reject water from the plant is converted into agricultural grade water, and is used to irrigate plants and trees on our premises. We also supply this water to farmers in the neighboring property, where they use it to grow vegetables.


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